Our History

Established in 1992, Chemsmart Wholesale, Inc. has quickly become a leader in cleaning chemicals with a full line of industrial maintenance supplies and equipment. Founder and President Harvey Taratoot, after spending more than 30 years in the chemical industry, recognized the need for high quality, competitively priced cleaning products. In response to the growing demand for such products, Chemsmart developed many of the formulas used in the products current distributed by Chemsmart Wholesale, Inc.  With our own research and development department and a chemist on site at our warehouse.

With our warehouse in SE Atlanta, Chemsmart Wholesale, Inc. has been able to respond to customers’ needs quickly and efficiently. As an outcome of such diligence and care, Chemsmart has, over the last ten years, established a reputation for providing its clientele with exceptional service, support and stability. And Chemsmart Wholesale’ proprietary brands have expanded exponentially, catching up to and often surpassing requests for the nationally recognized brands. Such unprecedented growth, has created a demand at Chemsmart Wholesale, Inc. for outgoing, assertive, self managing, results seeking, risk taking individuals.

What We Offer You

The success of Chemsmart Wholesale, Inc. has always been its workforce and their commitment to the customer. Chemsmart has a history of providing only quality products with a flexible pricing structure. Because of Chemsmart’s relationships with customers in the past, there is already a base for repeat business. And, Chemsmart associate’s get in to see those individuals who make the decisions to purchase products. Since we encourage our sales staff and/or associates to think and work like entrepreneurs, high commissions and unlimited product placement is the incentive. Commissions from past employees have often exceeded $150,000 annually. Finally, Chemsmart Wholesale, Inc.. has an excellent benefits program including group health, major medical, life insurance, accidental death, optical and dental.

The Successful Chemsmart Wholesale, Inc. Associate

Our sales associates are in charge of their own destinies. By supporting them with product, price, placement, and promotions, we encourage our associates the freedom to explore new territories, new clients, new outlets – whatever their imagination can produce. But what are the traits and characteristics of the successful Chemsmart associate?

Typically, successful candidates are assertive, outgoing, fast-paced and able to manage themselves. They are enthusiastically driven, ambitious and unafraid of taking risks in order to reap the financial rewards. People skills are a major factor, while the ability to build and maintain relationships are essential. Being able to multi-task, juggle priorities, and follow up with more than one client concurrently is a vital skill. Other valuable assets for a successful candidate are confidence, resilience, independence, and the ability to make quick, accurate decisions. A candidate having these traits have historically flourished in our environment. If these characteristics define you, we’d like to talk with you further.