Our History

Established in 1992, Chemsmart Wholesale, Inc. has quickly become a leader in cleaning chemicals with a full line of industrial maintenance supplies and equipment. Founder and President Harvey Taratoot, after spending more than 30 years in the chemical industry, recognized the need for high quality, competitively priced cleaning products. In response to the growing demand for such products, Chemsmart developed many of the formulas used in the products current distributed by Chemsmart Wholesale, Inc.

What We Can Offer You

The success of Chemsmart Wholesale, Inc.has always been its workforce and their commitment to the customer. Chemsmart has a history of providing only quality products with a flexible pricing structure. Because of Chemsmart’s relationships with customers in the past, there is already a base for repeat business.

Nuts About Soap

  • USDA Certified Green!

  • Non Solvent Formula Eliminates Drying And Cracking.

  • Contains Superior Skin Emollients & Skin Conditioners.

  • No Dyes or Perfumes.

  • Contains Natural Walnut Shell Scrubbers.

  • Thick Concentrated Formula Reduces Hand Soap Use By Up To 75%.

  • Washes Away Completely With No Greasy Residue.

  • No Phosphates.



With our warehouse conveniently located in Tucker GA, Chemsmart is able to respond to customers’ needs quickly and efficiently.


We have an “On Site” Chemist at our warehouse, and  Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are available for all Chemsmart products!

Please  Contact us for more information on all available products, or for MSDS information.



Adhere 100 Adhesive
Ant Eater
Anti-Stat Spray
BAS 2100 Contact Cleaner
Bee-Ware Wasp & Hornet Spray
Bombs Away Room Fogger
Brake & Parts Cleaner
Crash Landing Dry Insecticide
Creep Penetrating Oil
Defense Rust Preventative
Disappear Carpet Spotter
Dry Slide Silicone
Home Base Baseboard Cleaner
Hot Rod Belt Dressing
HRS-74 All Surface Cleaner
IBS-84 Metered Insecticide
KJK-86 Zinc Galvanize
Knock-Out-Foaming Degreaser
Mark Away Vandal Mark Remover
Melt-X Ice Melter
MKK-52 Protectant
Oh’ Baby Dry Deodorant Spray
Oh’ Baby Metered Deodorant
Open Range Oven Cleaner
Orange Cupcake Metered Deodorant
Over & Out Insecticide
Rattlesnake Coil Cleaner
Red Rider Red Grease
RTV Gasket Maker
Sani-Foam Germicidal Cleaner
Shine On Stainless Steel C & P
Spring Mint Metered Deodorant
Squeek Ease Silicone Spray
Strip All Paint, Gasket, Decal Remover
Sugar & Spice Spray Deodorant
Tacky Open Gear Lube
Taracarb Caruburetor Cleaner
Taracide Spray Disinfectant
Taralube Chain & Cable Lube
Taraseize Anti-Seize
Tarashine Stainless Steel C & P(Oily)
Tarasolv Safety Solvent
Tarasolv II Safety Solvent
Taravision Glass & Plastic Cleaner
Technician’s Choice Demoisturant, Penetrate, Lubricant
Ultra Shine Furniture Polish
White Lightening Lithium Grease


Brake Clean 100
Cosmo’s Cosmoline Remover
Double Up Car Wash & Wax
MKK-52 Protectant
Motor Magic Motor Cleaner
Motor Cleaner/Degreaser/Solvent
Taracarb Caruburetor Cleaner
Whitewall Tire Cleaner

Bowl & Porcelain Cleaners

Bowl-X 26%
Hang On Thick Bowl Cleaner
Scrubby Cream Cleanser
Very Cherry

Carpet Care

Bonnet Cleaner
Carpet Luster Extraction Shampoo
Da’ Foam Defoamer
Disappear Carpet Stain Remover
One Step Dry Foam Shampoo

Chemical Specialties

Cobra Acid Coil Cleaner
D-Zolv Drain Opener
Dumpster Daisy
Frosty Freezer Cleaner
Hot Shot Granular Concrete Cleaner
Jet-it Waterbase Spills
Melt-X Pellet Ice Melter
Mosquito Bandito
Open Range Oven Cleaner
Orange Aid Organic Cleaner/Degreaser/Declogger
Rattlesnake Non-Acid Coil Cleaner
Rumble Tire Mark Remover
Sewer Solvent
SMR-Silicone Mold Release
Stripoff#92 Paint Stripper
Tarasolv Safety Solvent
Tarazyme Enzyme Odor & Grease Control-Liquid/Powder
Wetter Water

Cleaners – General Purpose

All In One Total Floor Maintainer
Formula 10 Laundry Detergent
Hot Shot Concrete Cleaner Granular
MJL-42 All Surface Cleaner/Degreaser (Non-Butyl)
MLS-92 All Surface Cleaner/Degreaser (Butyl)
Sparkle Dish Detergent
SSC&P Stainless Steel C & Pf
Taravision Glass Cleaner
WOW-RTU All Surface Cleaner
Pine Time

Concrete, Asphalt & Wood Sealers

Black Gold Asphalt Sealer
Concote Urethane Sealer
Concote Color Additive
Concote Primer
Cure All I & II Concrete Curing Compound
Tarapatch – Concrete Patching Kit
Taraseal Acrylic Concrete Sealer
Terra-Seal – Terrazzo Sealer


Liquid Spice Industrial Deodorant
Morning Dew Wick Deodorant
Odorout Urinal Screen with Tarazyme Block
Odorout “Blue” Urinal Screen with Tarazyme Block “Blue”
Good Buy Residual
IBS-84 Metered Insecticide Aerosol
Knock Down Space Spray
Over & Out Residual Aerosol

Degreasers – Water Base

Bubbleicous Foam Cleaners
Formula 45
MJL-42 All Surface Cleaner/Degreaser Non-Butyl
MLS-92 All Surface Cleaner/Degreaser Butyl
Poof Steam Cleaner


Lemonaide Lemon Disinfectant
One Stroke 1 oz. Per gallon Quat.
Pinetree Pine Disinfectant
Two Stroke 2 oz. Per gallon Quat.

Floor Finishes – Amor – Turtle Line

Hi-Gloss 18%
Reflect 16%
Super Glow 25%
Taraseal Acrylic Sealer
Terra-Seal – Terrazzo Sealer

Grounds & Turf

BJT-71 Total Kill Dilutable Sterilant
CDT-75 RTU Total Kill Sterilant
CDT-75 Total Kill Sterilant Aerosol
Contact Weed Killer-Non Selective
Cut Again Fertilizer
Slow-Growth Retardant
Vitamins-Trace Elements


5000 Hour Compressor Oil
5000 Hour Hydraulic Oil
Conveyor Lubricants
Dry Slide Silicone Aerosol
Guardian Food Grade Grease
Red Rider Aerosol
Red Rider – Tubes & Bulk
“Squeek” Ease Silicone Aerosol
Tacky Open Gear Lube Aerosol
Tara Gear Oil 85W-140W
Taralube Chain & Cable Aerosol
Taralube Chain & Cable Lubricant


Bombs Away Room Fogger Aerosol
Crash Landing Dry Aerosol, Flying and Crawling
Crash Landing Dry Aerosol
Good Buy Residual
IBS-84 Metered Insecticide Aerosol
Knock Down Space Spray
Over & Out Residual Aerosol

Hand Soaps/Power Scrubs

No Complaints
Nuts About Soap
Pink Wave – Pearlescent Hand Soap
Powder Power – Powdered Hand Cleaner
Power House
Powerkleen with Pumice
Powerkleen without Pumice
Rough & Ready Orange Lotion with Grit
SaniTouch Hand Sanitizer

Waste Water Treatment

Filter Cleaners
On Top Non Petroleum Liftstation Maintainer
Sewer Solvents

Wax Strippers

Liftoff Ammoniated
Poly Strip Non-Ammoniated